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PACE enables building owners to access flexible, 100% upfront financing to improve their buildings’ value:

PACE Requires 0% Down and Allows Long Payback Periods

  • Building owners can be cash flow positive from day 1
  • Underwriting is focused on the underlying building
  • Accessible to those with Non-Investment Grade Credit

PACE Allows Tremendous Flexibility

  • Buildings that may sell before full payoff
  • Buildings where tenants pay energy bill but owner finances upgrades
  • Projects that have longer payback periods

Owners with Tax Appetite Love PACE

  • Full realization of tax credits – including solar ITC
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits (MACRS)

Immediate Net Operating Income Improvement

  • Increases NOI – all PACE projects are cash flow positive
  • Doesn’t tie up balance sheet with debt
  • Also increases value of underlying asset

PACE overcomes many traditional project hurdles


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